We like to get out and about in the business community; we like meeting people and listening to their stories and business problems and we also like sharing our expertise and helping out where we can. If you’ve got an event you’d like us to speak at why not get in touch…?

Future Events

Coming Soon: "Understanding & Applying Alchemical Principles to your Life"

This is a forthcoming event aimed at people who want to build their personal growth and be clearer on their life purpose and potential. Watch this space for further details (or use the pink "Get In Touch" button at the bottom of this page to let us know you're interested).

Cambridge CEO’s Forum

This is a regular event that Steve attends, held at St John's Innovation Centre, and is for CEOs or MDs of SME businesses who want to meet up under the safety of “Chatham House Rules” to share business issues, listen to other CEOs who have “been there and got the t-shirt” and benefit from other’s expertise and the chance to bounce ideas off fellow CEOs.  It’s an on-going schedule of events so if you think you might qualify as a CEO of an SME then contact us to find out how you can attend the next session.

Past Events

Suffolk Conscious Business: “How to love your clients and give till it hurts”

Held on 29th January 2015

Are you dreaming of how you can build a more connected, human way of doing business, one that ditches the glibness of short-term marketing trickery and frees you to be your authentic, powerful self? One that means you are working with clients who are appreciative of what you’re doing for them, and means you are also able to make an impact on your wider community?

We're an award-winning local CRM software company and one of the starting members of the Suffolk CBC group, and we like to dream big and work hard to live the reality of it in practical day to day ways.

During this presentation we gave some insight into how we have approached the business of conscious business during our 9 years of operations (during which time we have never had a client leave to use another product, so we must be doing something right…)

We believe that we have a choice to do the right thing, even if it “hurts” because in the long run doing the right thing is never going to be the wrong thing. Some (perhaps even most!) of what we have to say will hopefully inspire you to do more of what you’re doing or create something new.

The audience heard about Junari’s:

  • 7 principles of Customer Love and what is meant by “giving till it hurts” (and how this helps Junari’s clients build better businesses) – all of these principles can be applied within your own businesses/organisations, perhaps even in your life in general

  • 5 things you can consider if you also see the value of ‘giving till it hurts’ and how you could begin putting a ‘dent in the universe’ for the betterment of people, profit and planet (and if you'd like to see the 5 tips then visit this page here )

  • Details on a forthcoming event that Junari are running aimed at personal growth – Steve and Rachel at Junari are interested in helping not only businesses transform but the people within them find their life-purpose and potential.

If you want to hear about the reaction to this talk then check out our blog on it here

Tools for Success - St John's Innovation Centre, Cambridge

Delegates gather at the Junari Tools for Success Seminar

Held on 25th June 2014.

We were delighted to have organised and run this FREE business seminar & networking event, supported by our friends at GrowthAccelerator. It was a great chance for a number of expert presenters to give the audience some neat tips and techniques for how they support their growing businesses and ensure business success.

The feedback from delegates said that it had been a fun and informative event - exactly what we were hoping it would be! You can read more about the event here .  Thanks to all of you who came along! We hope it won't be long before we arrange another really-useful business seminar! Held on 25th June 2014


Steve presented at the "Engineering and Advanced Manufacturing Exhibition" (EAME) which was held on Tuesday 10th and Wednesday 11th June 2014. Steve talked about how systems can help with processes, procedures and regulatory information.  This was a key forum for the region as the East of England invests more in research and development than any other in the UK and is recognised as a leading region for innovation within manufacturing and engineering.

Employer Focussed Forum – University of Essex

Held at the University of Essex’s iLab at the University of Essex Campus near Colchester on 6th May 2014

Our Managing Director, Steve Austin, was invited to go to the University of Essex to help them with their event about graduate recruitment.  Steve helped the university team understand what their students should consider when looking for employment within business and how the university should coach students regarding the recruitment process.  It was an opportunity for the University’s Careers Advisors to meet employers and initiate some positive discussions about current issues in student and graduate recruitment and common employer challenges and concerns.

Essex Digital Awards 2014

We were thrilled and delighted to have been shortlisted as a finalist in the Online Business Category for the Essex Digital Awards 2014 and to have received a “Highly Commended” Award!  But even better was that we were able to “pay forward” our success and give a donation to one of the JunariCRM+ LinkedIn followers nominated charity; East Anglia's Children’s Hospices (E.A.C.H). Check out our blog for more details.

The Directors and Associates of Performance Plus

Held on 24th April 2014, Colchester

The latest instance of this successful event run by Performance Plus was held at Weston Homes Community Stadium, in Colchester, and once again featured our Managing Director, Steve Austin, as one of the key note speakers.  The organisers had brought together some of the best local specialists with the skills to help you to build and improve your business and, also find out ways to get government grants to help to finance those improvements .

Steve presented “ How Good Management of Your Wealth of Information can lead to Wealth of Business Success" and discussed how the wealth of customer information can be stored and interrogated using JunariCRM+ . The more information you have on your prospects, the more targeted you can be in all your marketing communications leading to higher conversion ratios

The workshop run by Albert Peters from Pegasus HR entitled “ Interview or Pantomime ” was also well received. Albert spoke about how to getting the interview process right is crucial to getting the right staff for a growing business, with a comedic role-play session to demonstrate how if you ask the wrong questions it can turn it into a complete farce.

There will be further Performance Plus events running throughout the year, so watch this space for further dates and details.

The Directors and Associates of Performance Plus

Held on 18th March 2014, Ipswich

Our M.D, Steve Austin, presented at this event which asked the question of delegates - " Will you be a business winner in 2014"? People were invited by the Performance Plus Associates Suffolk to find out how their business could become an A-star acheiver in 2014.

The people at Performance Plus Associates had brought together some of the best local specialists with the skills to help you to build and improve your business and, they demonstrated ways to get government grants to help to finance those improvements .

The key-note presentations were:

From Cold Calling to Hot Leads ”. Turning cold calls into hot leads by building profiling information on your prospects and conducting intelligently performed telemarketing. Laura Morrison, of Your Telemarketing, will focus on one particular aspect of your communications strategy, Telemarketing. Whether you undertake in house, or outsource, Laura will provide some top tips to overcome telemarketing concerns and to turn cold calls into hot leads.

"How Good Management of Your Wealth of Information can lead to Wealth of Business Success" Steve Austin, from Junari, talks about the wealth of information which can be stored and interrogated using Junari CRM+. The more information you have on your prospects, the more targeted you can be in all your marketing communications leading to higher conversion ratios.

There was also information on what funding is available to you / your business and how Performance Plus can help you access it to help with the costs of any improvement programmes. Places were strictly limited and the event received excellent feedback from delegates who went away pleased with the tips and pointers they'd been given.

Sync Ipswich

Held on 28th November 2013

Steve Austin our MD delivered a couple of talks to the Sync Ipswich community on the following subjects. The audience provided some great feedback and Steve really enjoyed the day commenting on how receptive and interactive the audience had been.  If you think these presentations would be useful for your event then get in touch with us to let us know how you think Steve or the JunariCRM+ team might enhance your day:

Technical Presentations with Confidence: How to prepare for a presentation and tips for beating the nerves’! There comes a time when all of us need to stand up in front of others and share what we know or think about a subject. Whether the audience be 1 or 1000 it can be scary, and fear can greatly affect the outcome. Steve drew from his extensive experience of presenting to audiences from a small software development team, through 20 board members of a global company, to around 500 karate black-belts to share some tips for beating the nerves and getting your point across clearly.

An introduction to Managing Projects Simply: Steve shared some of his experience in consecutive multi-million pound product development projects and how to manage projects effectively and simply. Oh - and find out why he doesn’t believe in plans!

Virgin Media Pioneers Event

Held at Weston Homes Community Stadium, Colchester, Essex on 18th September 2013

Have you got a good business idea but don’t know where to start? This free one-day event was designed to inspire Entrepreneurs of all ages to start their journey and was held in conjunction with the local Virgin Media Pioneer Ambassador and the Federation of Small Businesses.  It was a highly successful day garnering well over 600k twitter engagements and excellent feedback from all delegates – some of whom have gone on to set up their fledgling business initiatives and are subsequently thriving. Steve gave an excellent account of the support-systems that all new businesses should consider and in particular how they should collect and leverage the value of the data they should collect on their target customers and current customers; ensuring that no sales opportunity is missed!

Are you a Nervous Networker?

Held at Stowmarket Golf Club, Suffolk on 12th September 2013

Our MD, Steve Austin presented at this event giving tips and techniques on how to get the most out of networking events.  The well-networked organisations of the Federation of Small Businesses (Suffolk Branch), Stowmarket & District Chamber of Commerce and StartUp Suffolk collaborated to help local businesses in the -vital art of Networking' as part of the annual Business Festival in the wider Bury St Edmunds district. The presentation sessions included the following:

  • 'Inspiration' - A success story and why networking really does work
  • 'The (dread/ed/ful) Elevator Pitch' (aka 60 second presentation) - Workshop on a successful formula and a low-risk chance to practice
  • 'Networking with your mouth full' (and preserving your tie - o Informal hot buffet supper
  • 'Don't be Shy' (Low-risk ways of engaging with people in a networking situation) - Role play examples that will make you smile (and cringe a little)
  • 'Exhibitions' Networking for profit - How to realise a return on your investment
  • Once you've met someone, what next? - Follow-up and the techniques involved -

Would you like us to present?

If you think the JunariCRM+ team could help enhance your event with any of these key-note presentations or indeed other topic areas then get in touch with us – we’d love to hear what you’ve got in mind.