Elvis is Alive and CRM is Dead

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Given the industry sector in which I work no-one will be surprised that I get involved in many of the online and social network discussion forums about CRM.  They can be great places to indulge in a bit of navel-gazing and to join in on general industry memes and themes.  But there is one apparently perennial discussion stream that gets me sighing and my eyes-rolling and that is the “Is CRM Dead?” question.

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Junari is a finalist in the Essex Digital Awards 2014

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Shortlisted for the Online Business Category

We're celebrating here at Junari after we got the news that our CRM product JunariCRM+®  has been chosen as a finalist in the Online Business Category for the Essex Digital Awards 2014! 

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Thought for the Day: Employees are like Cattle, yeah?

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In a series of occasional and ‘just-when-the-moment-grabs-us’ blogs we’ll be posting some articles that deal with the deeper side of being in business and featuring the thoughts and opinions of our team members.  First up are my thoughts on the topic of “People-Management is just like Cattle-Herding. Discuss…..”

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A CRM system to make the Tax Man Weep!

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How to Get UK R&D Tax Relief with JunariCRM+

Fans of the Beatle’s George Harrison will perhaps recall the lyrics of his song “Taxman” which went something like “and my advice for those who’ve died, declare the pennies on your eyes, cause I’m the taxman”. Well, arguably HMRC doesn’t stoop quite as low as that even if Mr Harrison thought so – but corporation tax is a favourite exaction of theirs!

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What’s Your “Y” Chromosome Got to Do with Anything?

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Junari’s Marketing Director featured in FSB Essex’s “The Voice” magazine

The Mar/Apr edition of "The Voice" from FSB Essex begins to hit the county's work-desks...

The theme of the latest edition of The Voice (the business The theme of the latest edition of The Voice (the business magazine of the Federation of Small Businesses in Essex) is all about women in business and we were very pleased to be asked by Iain Wicks, FSB Business Development Manager for Essex, for an interview and contribution. It has not been long since we welcomed Rachel Davidson-Foster to our ranks as our Marketing Director and during the short time she has been with us we’ve seen her professionalism and determination to get things done first hand.

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