How Bloated Do You Think You Should Feel?

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“Every good product I’ve ever seen is because a group of people cared deeply about making something wonderful that they and their friends wanted. They wanted to use it themselves” Steve Jobs

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As a business owner, how responsible do you think you are?

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Are you Responsible? We are, & we’ve the logo to prove it…

Sometimes it’s not good enough to just stand on your own and make highfalutin statements of having a higher purpose and deep desire to engender a triple bottom line approach (people, profit, planet). For a movement to have momentum then it’s important to join with other like-minded people and share and build frameworks together. 

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Finding Business Truths!

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The Junari Woooow Moment (Part 2)

Got Any Pains?

Are you experiencing pain in your business? Is that pain due to niggling thoughts that you’re leaving “money on the table” and missing valuable opportunities? Or perhaps the pain is due to undeniable revenue-losses that have been caused by unintentional bad customer service, losing critical client information or being unable to react at the optimum moment. Maybe you’re just fed-up having to work so hard and repeating yourself just to get to a point of business-truth that you can actually trust.

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Colchester Business Awards are feeling the Junari Customer Love!

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Junari are finalists in the Excellent Customer Service Category and Business 2 Business Category

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We’ve added Xero to JunariCRM+!

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JunariCRM+ Product Development Latest

The summer has been a busy time for the Junari team, working hard to deliver lots of new customers their tailored JunariCRM+ implementations and we’ve also pushed ahead and attained Xero Add-on Partner status too!

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