Ten Years' Innovation

Posted by: Rachel Davidson-Foster

Believe it or not folks, Junari is 10 years young this January! 

This is quite an achievement –It can be tough out there for SME business, and for us it has been a decade of hard work, metaphorical-blood and sweat with only the occasional tears (show me a business who doesn’t have this in their history!) But also - and more memorable for us - it has been a decade of a great deal of fun, working with people who we love, laugh with and who we have seen succeed because of what we’ve been able to do for them.

And because we know how tough it is for businesses to get the right tools to help them succeed, we have consistently through this decade worked at developing and installing a CRM system that fits each individual customer’s needs.

To do this consistently, without forcing painful compromise-decisions upon our customers, takes some pretty clever thinking on our part! 

So we think it is fair to celebrate reaching this wonderful business milestone. And we’ve been celebrating this in our usual style – by building yet more innovation and fantastic powerful-but-easy-to-use functionality into JunariCRM+ (well we did consider a big champagne-soaked party, but the team figured the hangover wasn’t worth it)

Here’s a quick sample of what we’ve given our customers this year:

1)      Multiple Account Systems? Not a problem. JunariCRM+ now has functionality to integrate and pass information to multiple Sage or Xero instances from one CRM+ instance.  Extremely useful if you have “trading-as” brand names or subsidiary organisations but want the benefits of a shared system and aggregated reporting rather than have a separate CRM system with separate logins and delineated data for each of these. We believe this functionality is pretty unique amongst CRM systems and our clients love it.

2)      Support for ‘Projects’ and ‘Departments’ in Sage 50 – a really handy feature which will immediately cut down on your administration by ensuring that it is possible the data in your CRM+ matches the projects and/or departments structure your finance team have created in your Sage 50 instance, meaning that your financial planning and reporting will remain accurate and joined-up.

3)      Brand new super-fantastic Charity Fundraising module - Knowing what grants and commissions are available when, what fund raising ideas are in the pipeline, what activities generate the best responses, how donations are received, by which donors and on what frequency is a fundamental of every charity. Our Fundraising Module gives charities the power to know who their best donors are, what encouraged them to donate and how they can target donors in future for maximum return. Furthermore, there is a quick and easy way to manage Gift Aid relevant donations and produce a report for upload to HMRC to claim gift-aid payments

4)      Quoting Engine – We’ve boosted the Quotes, Orders and Invoicing area of the product with some extremely powerful additional quoting features allowing for the revision of quotes, working with margins and setting conditional mark-ups. Businesses with highly sophisticated and complex quoting processes can rest easy that all of that subtlety and granular information can be successful accommodated seamlessly within one CRM+.

And coming soon – we’ve been working on a Mobile App Version – a neat, concise mobile-device version of your powerful JunariCRM+ system for iOS, Android and Windows so that you can keep in touch and whilst you’re out and about rather than having to remember to do it when back at the laptop/PC.

If you’d like to know more about the other benefits of JunariCRM+ then you can feast your eyes here.

And whilst you’re at it, keep your eyes peeled for some lovely celebratory offers which will help us enjoy our 10th birthday.

Thank you for helping us get there.