New ‘Map View’ Functionality!

Posted by: Rachel Davidson-Foster

Where are all your customers? Do you know?

Do you have a highly dispersed bunch of clients or do they cluster in close bundles?

Have you analysed what level of time and money your business spends visiting your clients and sales-prospects?

Maybe your business has a ‘location’ nature to it and understanding the distribution of your clients is critical to your operational planning or even your new business development strategies?

Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to see clearly exactly where your customers are on the map and have your team plan visits more efficiently so that they can be more productive and you can save on those planet and wallet-busting road miles?

Many of our customers have this element to their business models and we’ve been very happy to help them solve their problems – enabling them to be “Geo-Efficient” and make significant cost savings without reducing the quality of their customer service. Now we can offer this to you too!

JunariCRM+ now has a separate ‘Map View’ module that allows you to see where your company contacts, clients and opportunities are, as well as your new sales opportunities and those customer service cases that require location specific visits too. With one click your team will be able to view the embedded maps and find directions and distances.

The functionality applies to the primary-addresses for these contacts and for all new information entered into the system, once the Map View module is implemented, JunariCRM+ will automatically calculate the correct map location. Authorised users will be able to view and change locations if necessary.

Why not get in touch with us to find out how JunariCRM+’s new Map View may help your business; it is a powerful and flexible way of viewing your customer data to ensure that you get the greatest efficiency and benefit out of your CRM system.

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