Factors Limiting Charitable Fundraising

Posted by: Rachel Davidson-Foster

Last month, we celebrated reaching a lovely milestone; Junari is now 10 years old.

This is quite an achievement for us – it’s tough out there for businesses.

Arguably it is tougher for the NfP/Charity sector.

There’s not many obvious statistics for how many charities fail, whereas there are many touted around for the likely lifespan of a business, but it is certainly true that the majority of charities (about 88%) have an income of £500k or less; so eeking out the pennies is a daily challenge.

And then there’s the limiting beliefs that society-at-large applies to the work of fundraising that charities can do without catching the ire of ‘Joe Public’ (or perhaps we mean the press?).

There’s a great TEDTalk by Dan Palatto called “The way we think about charity is dead wrong” (check it out here) in which he talks eloquently about the ridiculous constraints society places on charities vs. what businesses can legitimately do.

For instance – the belief that if you work in the charitable sector then you must be happy to accept a subsistence-level salary. The For-Profit Sector is able to pay competitive wages based upon the value they produce, but people recoil at the idea of someone making a good living out of working for a charity. As Richard Gillis puts it “Want to pay someone $5 million to develop a blockbuster videogame filled with violence? Go for it. Want to pay someone a half-million dollars to fundraise to support finding a cure for paediatric leukaemia? You’re considered a parasite.

Dan Palatto talks about how unfair the intolerance of charity marketing expenditure is and how a general fear of failure is quickly adopted by leaders of charities. Leaders who feel the pressure for transparency together with rigorous audit rules and a framework that encourages short-term governance. Not to mention a bloodthirsty press-pack ready to pounce at the sign of any behaviour that isn’t considered morally “whiter than white”. Just look at the criticism that AgeUK got recently for trying to provide a branded energy tariff with Eon.

Now, don’t get us wrong – we're not arguing for a wholesale deregulation of the charity sector!  We do however, think that it is a sector that has to operate almost with one-hand tied behind its back.

That’s why with Junari we wanted to do something that would benefit the NfP and Charitable sector and why we built our JunariCRM+ software to help charities prove they've made a positive impact in their chosen cause and therefore gain, retain and increase their funding.

And because of our tenth birthday, we’re in celebratory mood and have decided to offer both our customers and potentially-new customers a choice of two lovely special offers.

BUT! As a NfP/Charity you get to have both of these special offers. You can see if you qualify here.

So if you’d like to get some help to prove your charities worth to society by what positive impacts you’ve delivered then now is a good time to start the conversation

Get in touch with us because we would love to help