Compassion Fatigue Cure Found; it’s a good CRM

Posted by: Rachel Davidson-Foster

We’ve just read a thought provoking article about how the charity sector is driving its own pandemic of “Compassion Fatigue”. The article (which you can see here) possets that the methods charities are currently using to promote their causes and drum-up funds are starting to be counter-productive as the donor population become weary of being ‘hounded’ by the hard-sell sob-story.  The author acknowledges that face to face fundraising activities such as street-collection and cold-calling are disliked by many but that they are effective giving a return on investment of 150%. But great investment return aside – what is needed nowadays is great return on impact.

Apparently what most donors crave nowadays, in order to be persuaded to part with their cash, is a sense of real human connection and a clear link between their act of generosity and how their money has generated a positive impact. And with the upcoming generation – who according to research demonstrate a considerable level of “empathy deficit” - the need for charities to be able to track how money they receive flows through to their front-line and produces positive outcomes is going to grow ever more pressing. Charities are going to have to remove the uncertainty that donors feel about whether their donation will actually produce positive good.

How will your charity prove this?

So, do you feel ‘fatigued’ by this statement or energised by the opportunities and innovation it will thrust upon your fundraising activity?

Hopefully it is the latter - as there is certainly much that you can do with simple good-practice management processes and keeping track of data and information that your fundraising system should give to you.

With our charity management & fundraising system we make it possible to track specific cases that donations have contributed to all the way through and to what outcomes are achieved regarding individual cases.

Now imagine for a moment how that sort of information could prove useful in your organisation.

Would it be a gold-mine of evidential proof that you take people’s donations and make a major impact in your chosen cause? The ability to write back to a donor thanking them for thinking of your charity and telling them how they directly assisted a particular recipient or community isn’t massively ground-breaking. But the availability, together with detailed granularity and ‘cause-and-effect’ auditability that it is now possible to obtain about your fundraising with a simple click of a mouse-button is.

Well, it certainly is if you’ve got the right charity management system…

And as the Fundraising Director of one of our charity client’s recently commented - "I've used 6 other systems previously but JunariCRM+ is the most comprehensive and simplest to use." - maybe it is worth checking out how we could help you avoid compassion fatigue and develop compassion energy instead!